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Connect crypto assets from anywhere

Connect assets from supported crypto exchanges and any cold wallets to see your balances in real time. Do it manually or using our automatic syncing feature Bayliq Pro.

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Take control over your crypto assets

Take control over your crypto assets: check your total balance combined from multiple wallets and exchanges in real time; as well as each cryptocurrency separately, get alerts when the price goes up or down, stay up to date with the crypto markets

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Why choose bayliq?

  • User-friendly interface for tracking all your crypto investments in one place in Currency, Cryptocurrency, Silver, Gold, BTC, Satoshi...
  • No Risk - Secure, Safe, and Private
  • No Account Needed
  • No ID or verification required
  • Integration with over 135 exchanges and
    2,000 cryptocurrencies worldwide
  • Custom P2P Crypto to Fiat transactions TRACKING and Record Keeping
  • Ability to add your crypto assets manually
  • View interactive charts and market statistics
  • Free To Download

New to crypto?

Bayliq allows you to create your own crypto portfolio in both a practice mode and in real time.
Want to make an investment right now?
No problem. Bayliq shows you your profit, loss, and balances in real time.
Take total control over your crypto portfolio today!

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